Kickin’ it Back

The iconic Adidas Originals Superstar shoes are back and boy did they come back with a bang! Every celebrity is wearing them, every fashion blogger is posting about them and every fashion fundi is talking about them. They are a worldwide phenomenon.

To put it into perspective for you… On my recent trip to Australia, I went into the Adidas Original store and asked for my size. The sales assistant smirked at me and proceeded to tell me that I won’t find them anywhere, as they are sold out countrywide. She told me that approximately 100 people came into the store everyday asking for my size. Challenge accepted. I made it my mission to track down the untouchable Superstars. After days of research, stalking and hunting I eventually located them on an online store in Australia. Hallelujah! I could now sleep again at night.

They make any outfit instantaneously cool. I love wearing them with a pair of ripped jeans or a denim skater skirt. Pop on a leather jacket and you will be street style ready!

Welcome back my dear superstars, and most importantly welcome to my wardrobe!





I am not in it for the approval

I am not in it for the fame

The fans

The followers

I am not in it for the attention

The like

The views

I am not in it for the applause

I am not in it for anyone else

I am a superstar”

SS4SS5SS6 Superstar

Always was

always will be


Walks its own path


Does not care what the outside word thinks


Does not live life inside the box


Has an audience of oneSS9SS10SS11SS7

Outfit details:

Leather Jacket: Traffic

Top: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Adidas Original

*Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia.

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