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One of the most important parts of my daily routine is my make up application. I am a make up girl through and through! I often get asked what products I use and how I achieve my finished look. So I thought this would be a perfect 3rd blog post.

I am a strong believer in practice makes perfect, so the more you do the look you want to achieve the better your chance of achieving it. I have been on a number of different make up courses and attended various workshops and have picked up tips from all over, including during Miss South Africa.

The secret to achieving a flawless make up look is to balance it out. If you want to wear a heavy lip colour then try do your eye make up as natural as possible. I personally prefer to wear more eye make up and less lipstick or lipgloss.

Let me take you through it step by step:

Make up 1

Step 1: Prep

After cleansing I always apply a moisturizer before my foundation. The one I use is Nutraderm, which is available from Clicks or Dischem. It’s great because it has a silky finish, which allows for your foundation to be applied smoothly. My new best friend is my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I apply a small amount of this; it evens out your pores and really contributes towards that matte look.

Step 2: Foundation

For as long as I can remember I have been using Mac Studio Fix Fluid (my colour is NC 30). It is a foundation that works really well with my skin type and the colour matches perfectly. It is important when choosing a foundation to get your correct undertone. You will either have a yellow undertone or a pink one. Mine is yellow so it’s best to match it with a yellow undertone foundation. There are many ways to apply your base, either with a brush, sponge or with your fingers. I prefer with my fingers as I think it gives a much more natural finish and I find it much easier to blend.

Step 3: Powder

I always get a translucent powder in two shades darker than my foundation. That way it can double as a bronzer, and I prefer it because it doesn’t have the shimmer, which tends to be a bit much for during the day. It also works well if you like to contour. I use the Makeover Translucent Powder in Mahogany and I apply it with a medium sized powder brush that I got from Mac. I focus putting the powder on my cheekbones and then I dab it around the rest of my face to add a little more colour and to prevent shine.

Make up 3

Step 4: Blush

I only apply blush at night, I have a thing against cheeks that are too pink or what I like to call the “Bridget Jones look.” I prefer using my powder to define my cheeks. At night however, I apply Mac Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Trace Gold. It is one of my favourite makeup products to date! Instead of being pink or red like most blush colours it has an amazing goldy bronze colour which looks incredible at night. It adds a shimmer effect and makes your skin flawless and radiant.

Step 5: Eyeliner

Most days top and bottom eyeliner for me are a must. If not I feel like I just look sick or you get that odd person asking, “Shame are you ok? You look tired.” that never really goes down well. To achieve that perfect top liner my secret weapon is an earbud! They are great for neatening up a wobbly line. I pull the side of my eyelid to straighten up the skin and then use Smudge Khol Liner in black from Clicks. I have tried so many different eyeliners, and despite the name this is my favourite because it doesn’t smudge, isn’t too dark and it’s easy to apply. Once you have applied your line on your eyelid, use an earbud to neaten it up and finish off with the same eyeliner on your bottom inner lid.

make up 5

 Step 6: Eye Shadow

I have searched high and low to find the perfect eye shadow for during the day. I wanted something that looks natural but still adds something to the eyes. I discovered the Mac Patina Eye Shadow which I use every day. I apply a small amount with an eye shadow brush from Mac. For the evening I add a darker colour to the outside corners and form a triangle like shape by blending. My favourite evening colours are Bronze and Woodwinked both by Mac. For the evening I also like to finish off the top eyeliner by going over it with Makeover Ink Liner in black. It makes the eyes a bit more dramatic and this pen achieves the cat eye look effortlessly.

Step 7: Mascara

Mascara is the second most time consuming application during my make up routine (behind foundation) and probably the most important. For me it is all about building your mascara and there is no such thing as too much! It’s strange but I love the fake lashes look, and by building your mascara you can easily achieve this. I use the Maybeline Colossal Volume Express Mascara from Clicks or Dischem.

Step 8: Lips

I don’t usually wear lipstick during the day, but if I do my favourite colour is Kinda Sexy by Mac. It is a nudey pink which looks great for any occasion. My number one lip essential, which I put on every morning and every night and all the time throughout the day is Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment from Australia. There is nothing more important than moisturized lips!

make up 4

I hope you have enjoyed all my make up tips and tricks, and that it guides you in the right direction to achieving your desired look.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. 🙂





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